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NFD Trust Stories: Rachel

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Rachel received a $2,500 Educational Scholarship from the NFD Trust in 2017, which went towards course fees. She went on to succeed academically, getting excellent marks in all her classes! Learn more about Rachel, below.

The NFD Trust offers grants and scholarships to New Zealanders who are Deaf or hard of hearing. 

Grants are also available to those who are hearing able and work in the Deaf and hard of hearing sector. Visit the Grants and Scholarships page to find out if you'd be eligible for a grant from the NFD Trust.

What is your connection to the Deaf and hard of hearing community?

"I have been involved with the Deaf community in both my personal and professional life. I volunteer where I can. Previously, as leader/President for two Deaf youth groups in New Zealand: the Canterbury and Auckland Deaf Youth Groups.

I am also involved in Deaf Youth led projects like the 4th and 5th National Deaf Youth Camp and FYD. I do this because I know that this contribution will benefit the Deaf community and will encourage others to do the same.

I also work at Deaf Aotearoa as a Pathway Assessor, which means I am responsible for responding to referral for services and support to those who need our help."

What were you able to accomplish after receiving a grant from the NFD Trust?

"I was able to examine socio-cultural, economic and political factors that have influenced current welfare policies, practice and services.

I was able to develop theoretical and research informed knowledge and an appreciation of human service responses to violence in society.

Not only this but I was able to gain the knowledge and tools to understand the relationship of the Treaty in Māori issues. Most importantly, I was able to focus on the importance and nature of family and kinship in the construction and maintenance of social relations by individuals as well as groups, in a variety of ethnographic contexts."

What motivated you to apply for this grant?

"I enjoy learning about the different ways I can support people, and feel I will be putting this scholarship to great use, which will also benefit the community I work in."

Learn more about the NFD Trust Educational Scholarship, on our website:

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