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NZSL Taster Class

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comprehensive Awareness Workshops!

Want to take it to the next level? Join our 

Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme.

Prioritise accessibility and remove barriers for Deaf and hard of hearing team members and customers within your organisation.

Extend your NZSL skills with our NZSL Taster Class!

  • Develop your team's communication skills with a bespoke NZSL Taster Class.

  • Learn 10 everyday signs and;

  • 10 signs specific to your industry.

  • You'll also receive: NZSL fingerspelling cards and;

  • Posters with your 10 industry-specific signs to display.

Delivered by experts trained in NZSL.

Read on to select from the below NZSL Taster Workshop or download our flyer.

Book your NZSL Taster Class today!

Delivered by the passionate team at NFDHH.

Each 30-minute session is filled with valuable insights and practical tips to help your team gather confidence with NZSL.



$450 +GST - in-person classes (Available only in Auckland).

$295 +GST - online classes.


These classes are filling up quickly. Book today.

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