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Hearing Awareness Month

Hearing Awareness Month is all about putting a spotlight on hearing health and raising awareness for the experiences of the 880,000+ New Zealanders who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Every year organisations around New Zealand come together in March to celebrate Hearing Awareness Month. Kicking off with World Hearing Day on the 3rd of March, there are plenty of ways you can get involved.


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Check our awareness events and activities for March 2023 below.

Apply for a grant or scholarship this March

Are you seeking a scholarship to further your education?

Are you organising an inspiring community event?

Or do you require financial support to purchase new hearing aids?

This Hearing Awareness Month, we are offering five grants that are open to New Zealanders who are Deaf or hard of hearing and hearing able people working in the Deaf and hearing sector.

Learn more here.

Listen Up Conference

Access Matters: From Access Denied to Access Enabled.

On World Hearing Day, the Listen Up Conference 2023 shone a light on accessibility for Deaf or hard of hearing employees and customers.


With one in six New Zealanders living with hearing loss - accessibility isn’t just an option. 


We explored issues such as the cost of denying access through a lack of accommodation and accessibility strategies that can be put in place in workplaces to enable and empower.


It was an incredibly moving and informative day, enjoyed by all who attended.

Learn more here.

Hearing Screening

This March, we’ll be busy screening hearing at schools and in workplaces as part of our efforts to ensure Kiwis receive the hearing healthcare they need and are aware of the importance of looking after their hearing.

Learn more about our Hearing Screening Programme in schools here

Learn more about our Hearing Screening Programme in work and hearing health workshops here

Check your hearing this March, with Triton Hearing’s Big Hearing Check.

Every online test completed in the month of March raises $1. All the proceeds go towards our Hearing Screening Programme in secondary schools.

Check your hearing here.

Awareness Workshops

Book an Awareness Workshop for your organisation this Hearing Awareness Month to help raise awareness for the 1 in 6 Kiwis who are Deaf or hard of hearing. These workshops provide opportunities to learn some basic NZSL, gain new insights into some of the experiences of being Deaf or hard of hearing and provide practical solutions to support employees and customers with hearing loss.

We have 8 workshops to choose from.

Learn more here

Community Stories

We’ll be sharing stories from our community throughout March. Hear from Kiwis of all ages who are going through their own hearing loss journey.

We’ll also share stories from innovative “Hearoes”, Kiwis who are making a difference for the Deaf and hard of hearing community by breaking down barriers and creating some amazing accessibility solutions.

Learn more here.

Take part in an NZSL challenge

As one of New Zealand's three official languages, we want to recognise and raise awareness for this beautiful language.


Throughout the month of March, you’ll have the opportunity to join in and have fun with our NZSL challenges. We’ll also be sharing a range of helpful educational resources you can access to advance your learning.


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Learn more here

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