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Lunch & Learn Workshops

Unlock the Power of Lunch Breaks with our Lunch and Learn Workshops!

Our Lunch and Learn workshops are designed to:

  • Introduce your team to the richness of Deaf Culture and New Zealand Sign Language.

  • Remove communication barriers and make your organisation more accessible.

  • Cultivate an inclusive workplace culture that embraces diversity.

  • Address risks associated with noise-induced hearing loss.

Each workshop is a quick 30-minute online session filled with valuable insights and practical tips.

Pricing: $295 per online workshop

There are 6 workshops to choose from.  Download the flyer, choose your preferred workshop and book today!

Want to take it to the next level? Join our 

Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme.

Prioritise accessibility and remove barriers for Deaf and hard of hearing team members and customers within your organisation.

1 hour Awareness Workshops


You may also be interested in our comprehensive Hearing Awareness Workshops. Designed to foster an inclusive culture and delivered online and face to face (in selected areas). There are 8 workshops to choose from.

Duration: 1 hour

Cost: $450

To learn more about which workshop might be right for you, download the flyer and book today.

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