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Above photo: Taikura Trust 


Face-to-face workshops:

$850 per team workshop. Includes a Hearing Screening Kiosk, so everyone can check their hearing.


Online workshops:                         

$450 per team workshop.

Got a question? 

Reach out to Briana Valgre at

Thank you for joining us on this journey of learning & growth!

Want to take it to the next level? Join our Hearing Accredited Workplace Programme.

See how you can increase hearing awareness and support Deaf and hard of hearing team members in your workplace!

Our workshops help organisations to:

  • Foster an inclusive workplace culture.

  • Make communication more accessible.

  • Address risks of hearing loss.

  • Understand the link between hearing loss and mental health.

We offer 6 Awareness Workshops to suit your organisation's specific needs. On-site hearing screenings are included with your first 1-hour workshop.

Please select from one of our Awareness Workshops by downloading our brochure.

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