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Sip, paint and sign.

NFDHH chatted with Rachel Kuhl, Studio Manager of Pinot & Picasso, Christchurch, about their sip and paint sessions and their enthusiasm to grow their Deaf Friendly classes in New Zealand and Australia.

Deaf Friendly painting class showing their finished work.

What can people expect when they come to a painting session with Pinot and Picasso?

At Pinot & Picasso we offer sip & paint, guided painting sessions that cater for a variety of ages and skill levels. We have a wide range of artwork choices as well as a lot of special events.

What sparked the idea to start offering Deaf Friendly sessions at your studios?

As a company, this is something we'd been considering for a while. Making our sessions accessible is something we're passionate about. For me personally, I wanted to explore options for our Deaf Friendly sessions after my experience getting to know a couple of people from the Deaf Community and interpreters at my previous job in a local cafe. I ended up learning some NZSL, not a lot, but enough to have a brief conversation and take orders. It was a really humbling experience. This sparked the idea to trial our first Deaf Friendly session at our Hutt Valley studio.

How have the Deaf Friendly sessions been received so far by the Deaf community?

So far, everyone has been grateful to have the opportunity to attend one of our sip & paint sessions. I've found it creates a wonderful space for connection among the attendees themselves.

You mentioned wanting to increase access to Deaf friendly sessions in more branches in New Zealand but also in Australia. Can you tell us more about this?

Yes, so Pinot & Picasso has partnered with Isign in Australia who will be providing ASL interpreting at select sessions in our studios over there. We are also working on an ongoing interpreting partnership for our New Zealand studios.

Deaf friendly painting class showing their finished work.

Which artist's work is your favourite to teach to students and why?

Most of our artworks are created in-house by team members all across Australia and New Zealand. I love teaching our New Zealand themed artworks, such as Mt Taranaki and Kirihimete, celebrating the natural wonders of this country.

Where can our community learn more about upcoming classes they can participate in?

You can keep up-to-date via our website or email me with any enquiries. We also offer private functions for which we can arrange an interpreter.

Find out more about booking a class with Pinot and Picasso:

Contact Rachel Kuhl directly about their Deaf Friendly sessions via email:

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