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Noonan Bequest

Applications are open once per year between 1st February until 31st March.



Supporting education and development of Deaf children in the province of Canterbury.



The children must have resided in the province of Canterbury for more than 12 months and not be older than 21 years of age.


What does it cover?

Education, social and recreation, health, employment and service provision.


*NOTE: Requests for travel costs or for services usually provided by the state are not normally considered.


Individual applicants are required to:

  • be a New Zealand citizen or have permanent residency, and be residing in New Zealand.

  • have been living in Canterbury for more than 12 months.

  • be Deaf / hard of hearing (or those eligible to wear a hearing aid) or have an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

  • submit ALL supporting documents, along with a fully completed application form by the closing dates specified below, or your application will NOT be considered.


Supporting documents required

  • where there is a hearing loss, an audiogram report or official letter from physician or audiologist.

  • where there is an Auditory Processing Disorder, an official letter from physician or audiologist confirming the diagnosis of APD.

  • minimum of TWO recent signed references (issued within the last 12 months) in support of applicant/s (requests by applicant to email or phone the referees not accepted).

  • course outline.

  • summary of qualifications held and record of learning.

  • accountability report for ANY previous funding received from the NFD Trust.

  • ORIGINAL bank deposit slip or bank statement showing the official name and account number of applicant (handwritten copies not accepted) which has been officially date stamped and signed by bank staff.


How to apply

1. Online

  1. Fully complete the application form below and ensure ALL supporting documents are attached.

  2. Return application and supporting documents by the closing date.


Opening date: 1 February


Closing date: 31 March


If you are experiencing technical difficulties with submitting your application, cannot meet the close off date or would like to speak to someone regarding your application, please contact Shirley Rippey via or (09) 307 2922

Applicants will be notified of the progress of their application no later than two months after the closing date.

Please note, if you are successful with your application you will need to complete an accountability form which will be emailed to you. 

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Has the applicant been resident in the Province of Canterbury for the past 12 months?

As an individual in your own or as a parent/guardian of a Deaf child, please complete this question:

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