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Sound Monkey


The Sound Monkey is a sound monitoring device designed for preschool environments. It enables teachers to visually monitor and record sound levels and educate little ones on how to look after their fragile ears.

It is great for classrooms and play areas, encouraging kids to be aware of harmful sounds and noise levels throughout the day.

The Sound Monkey absorbs sound through a frequency sensitive filter that mimics the human ear. It indicates when sound levels are harmful - using a simple traffic light system featured in the Monkey’s mouth: Green smile for safe sound levels; orange downturned mouth for caution; and red downturned mouth for too loud.

The Sound Monkey can help little ones be aware of noise by providing real-time feedback on noise levels.

Teachers and kids can also refer to the Sound Monkey app, (available on App Store or Play Store), to see how well they've stayed on top of harmful sounds each week.

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